Water for Franklintown Borough and some surrounding Franklin Township residents is provided by Franklintown Borough Municipal Authority.  The Authority office is in the Borough office.  CCR website:  Water is billed independently of DAA (Sewer only) Water Payments:  9/15-12/15 usage billed January due February 10th 12/15-3/15 usage billed April due May 10th 3/15-6/15 usage billed July due August 10th 6/15-9/15 usage billed October due November 10th

Sewer is provided by Dillsburg Area Authority.  Sewer is billed independently of Water despite the invoices saying they are for water & sewer.  DAA Office:   98 W. Church Street, Dillsburg, PA 17019 Phone: 717-502-0431                                                           Website:

Trash service is coordinated by the Borough for all residents of the Borough. Our Current Hauler is Waste Management.  Contact the Borough office for any trash related questions or issues. 

The Curbside Trash & Recycling pickup day is Monday.  The Dumpster pickup day is Tuesday.  If there is a Holiday the pickup day will be the next day.  Do Not put out trash or recycling before 5PM on the night before pickup.   Curbside pickup customers can put out either (4) 32 gallon containers or (1) 90-100 gallon curb cart, these are not provided.  

(1) large item per location is allowed, prior notice to the Borough is requested.  The following are not accepted for any reason:  Appliances/fixtures/electronics {dishwasher, washer, dryer, hot tub, bath tub, shower surround, tv, computer monitor, hard drive, etc.}  For specific questions check with the Borough Office or York County Solid Waste Authority at their website or by phone – 717-845-1066.   

Recycling containers are for recycling only!  Recycling Guidelines:  *All recycling must be clean *Only put container out when full.  (Clean requirement should eliminate odor concerns.) *No Plastic bags of any kind *No Pizza boxes, meal kit boxes, etc.  *No magazines  *No container lids (soda/water bottle lids, tea/milk jug lids, peanut butter jars, etc.) Acceptable:  Glass, paper, plastic, cans, cardboard in 3ft. X 3ft. bundles Visit York County Solid Waste Authority’s link regarding what the current recycling guidelines are

Trash Payments Jan-March billed January due March 10th April-June billed April due June 10th July-September billed July due September 10th October-December billed October due December 10th.

Emergency Services

    Police Department


    Fire and Rescue

    Emergency Management Agency

fire and rescue police NEMA EMS

Carroll Township Police

Police Department Website

Address: 555 Chestnut Grove Rd Dillsburg, PA 17019
Phone: (717) 432-3317
FREE Medication Return Box in Lobby

Emergency Medical Services

Holy Spirit Emergency Medical Services - A Geisinger Affiliate:

Holy Spirit Services Website
Become A Member!

431 N. 21st St. Suite 101 Camp Hill PA 17011
Phone:  (717) 763-2108

York County 911 Non-Emergency phone:  717-840-2971

For non emergent situations (nuisance complaints, etc.) during all hours of the day or night.  They will report the issue to Carroll Township Police.  The Police will address the issue when they have time, all emergency situations will come first.  Do not use this number if you are in an emergency situation where seconds matter. 


Fire and Rescue

Northern York County Fire and Rescue

Fire and Rescue Website
Fire and Rescue Facebook Page

Dillsburg Location: 109 S. Baltimore St.
Franklingtown Location: 107 S. Baltimore St.

Mail for Both:  109 S. Baltimore St. Dillsburg PA 17019
Information for Both: (717) 432-3281
Hall Rentals: Dillsburg (717) 432-3281

Country & Blue Grass Jam @ Franklintown every Thursday Night Cover is $3 for individuals, $5 per couple entry around 4PM

Management Agencies

Northern York Emergency Management Agency

Emergency Management Agency Website
Emergency Management Agency Facebook Page

Phone: (717) 638-8042
Free Assistance with Emergency Plans
Shelter or Comfort Station Coordination
Comfort station - A designated location available during daytime hours to individuals who do not have heat when it is cold or Air Conditioning when it's hot. Call the above number if you or someone you know is in need of these services.